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Wine Country

Sip And Savor Yakima
Courtesy Gilbert Cellars

Sip And Savor Yakima

Sip And Savor Yakima

In the Yakima Valley, there's ample opportunity to sip, sample, and celebrate the bounty of the region's fertile farmland.

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Sip And Savor Yakima

In the Yakima Valley, there's ample opportunity to sip, sample, and celebrate the bounty of the region's fertile farmland.

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Taste of the Tri-Cities

Just west of the Tri-Cities—the metro area of towns Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick—Red Mountain rises above sprawling acres of sagebrush.

Welcome to Walla Walla

It's hard to find a prettier wine town than Walla Walla, the center of the Walla Walla American Viticultural Area.

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Wine Cycle

HOW BEST TO ENJOY WINDING BACK ROADS expansive green vineyards, and a scant 12 days of rain per year?

Sip, Play, Dine

Washingtons Tri-Cities woo wine lovers.

Grape Expectations

Vino is just one of the wine countrys charms.

Wine Buzz

Walla Wallas charm has the whole country talking.

Juicy Details

IT MAY BE HOME to eight federally recognized American Viticultural Areas and make up 99 percent of the states total vineyard area, but theres more to wine country than just great grapes.

Great Grapes

ABOUT TWO HOURS east of Washingtons Cascade mountains, the hills roll into fertile land, covered in sunshine. All that sun is good for Washingtons hugely profitable, immensely popular ag crop: grapes.

Radical Paddles

THE WHITE WATER appears on the right, a hundred yards ahead of our canoe. The Columbia Rivers broad, glassy surface breaks into a foamy chop as water boils around a patch of submerged boulders...

Local Flavor

ITS HARD TO IMAGINE touring the states most famous wine region without partaking in the eclectic dining experiences that also make it special, be it a farm-to-table lunch at a winery or a stop at the local taco truck.

Taste of the Town

ROLL INTO WALLA WALLA on a good spring day and the first scent to greet you may be the sweet, green smell of peas.

Creative Class

HIGH ON A PLATEAU west of Yakima, surrounded by mountains and fruit orchards, where the wind howls and the sky goes on until it bumps into another mountaintop, a vibrant, fibrous wool tentshot through with lightdangles from a gallery ceiling. Linger inside it, and youll feel as if youve been transported to some fairy world.

Vintage Bites

The state leads the nation in the productionof spearmint and peppermint oil,concord grapes, carrots, and cherriesthanks, in large part, to Wine Country.West to east, heres what to eat.

Twisted Tasting Rooms

Find your way through Wine Country with some interesting Tasting Rooms.

Uncork Walla Walla

BEYOND THE EDGES of rolling wheat fields, Walla Walla rises out of the landscape.

Geek Out

Down a two-lane road, at the edge of the Hanford Site nuclear reservation, scientists are attempting to exploit Einsteins theory of relativity to detect the next collision of black holes.

Indie Scene

Atop a plateau of fruit orchards rolling toward mountain peaks, artists and do-it-yourselfers are laying mosaic tiles, wrapping colorful paper onto piatas, and stretching wool into felt.