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Washington State Visitors’ Guide

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Metro Seattle

Seafood of the Sound

It's natural to seek out seafood when visiting the Puget Sound area. How could you not with oysters, clams, crab, and salmon galore? From the fish flying through the air at Pike Place Market (pikeplacemarket.org), here's where to dive into a spectacular catch. »Read More

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North Cascades

Historic Bellingham

A Dixieland jazz band plays on a street corner as I roll down the hill toward Bellingham's Fairhaven district, its red brick buildings glowing in the morning sun. »Read More

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The Islands

Meet The San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands are a quintessential getaway for a reason: from orcas and organic farms to mountains and mopeds, they offer a unique adventure for everyone. »Read More

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Peninsulas & Coast

Beach Daze

It's a warm September afternoon on the Long Beach Peninsula, and I'm up to my waist in Pacific Ocean waves. Pointers from my Skookum Surf instructor ping through my head as I clamber onto my board and attempt to ride the tide. »Read More

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The Volcanoes

Do Rainier

There are as many ways to experience Mount Rainier as there are seasons in a year. »Read More

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The Gorge

Tour the Gorge

Forming much of the border between Washington and Oregon, the Columbia River cuts through a dramatic, windswept gorge, with steep cliffs, mossy side canyons, and thundering waterfalls. »Read More

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North Central

Take A Tour From Alps To Old West

The Bavarian-style village of Leavenworth seems at once both out of place and perfectly normal among the Washington craggy peaks. Here, even fast-food chains come adorned in Tudor detailing. »Read More

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Wine Country

Sip And Savor Yakima

In the Yakima Valley, there's ample opportunity to sip, sample, and celebrate the bounty of the region's fertile farmland. »Read More

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Urbane Spokane

The metropolitan center of the Inland Northwest, Spokane is a launching pad both for outdoor activities (kayaking, skiing, and hiking, to name a few) and for urban adventures. »Read More

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From Buttes to Bucolic Scenery

Legends claim a giant serpent once tore up canoes and killed Native Americans in Rock Lake, near St. John. »Read More

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